Welcome to Al-Safwa Industry

Al-Safwa Industry is a manufacturing company that was established in 2003. Since the very first day we have devoted ourselves to the field of metal works only to be one of the very few best in it. Given the list of our clients and their value in all their different fields and markets, Al-Safwa industry has proved to be a leading factory in the field of professional metal works.

Ten years of commitment meant ten years of experience in all kinds of professional metal works. Our main products are “Storage Solutions”, starting from different types of warehouse racking and warehouse mezzanine, going through shelving and display stands, down to the last piece of handling equipment a warehouse might need.

The professional metal works includes a lot more than warehousing, Al-Safwa industry has quite an exceptional experience in different kinds of metal works such as Conveyors, lockers, and many other products that support and serve the needs of the clients in an outstanding way.

Because we believe in expansion and because the only way to feel satisfied as a supplier is by satisfying our customer needs by all means. Al-Safwa Industry has launched earlier this year a new production line for "The Pipex System" which, based on the fact that it can be used to synthesize any design by different yet easy methods, is the future to almost all light and medium duty metal works.

The enormous potentials and the momentum that everyone here at Al-Safwa Industry maintains, makes us unique and elite in every project we walk into. The exceptional quality of our products and the well organized and applied customer service system, during and after sale, makes it a favorable experience for all of our clients.

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